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So after much debate among myself I have realized that the greatest video ever created has fallen in front of my eyes. Absolute creative genius was put into the creation of this masterpiece. If you look deeper than the quick flashes of glorious tits and breasts you will find the meaning too life is appreciation for boobs of all kinds. Yes even moobs.

I give it a five because not only do I find it to be a brilliant concept of the genre hopping as well as the music changes to be quite excellent. Aside for the quality aspects that I found to be very well done. I would like to see one with another funny topic that has a tune that changes with each genre. As for the fact that "nyan cat" being the topic I refuse to rate it based on my personal preferences of that particular part. It would be similar to giving your lower stars because it was 8-bit art in my opinion. On a more personal note I am thrilled to see the little things from some of the different genre/shows such as Nyan Solo shooting first. Well done definitely deserving of the front page.

explosion gun

Did you watch too much of gauntz or something lol XD

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Game is definitely a classic seeing as i'm playing it a year later and enjoying it just as much as I originally did. Game is pretty hard for people new to bullet hell type games I would assume but for anyone with a decent reaction time you can make it all the way to the first boss without upgrading anything which makes me think it's a tad bit easy (nothing detrimental you can't really put the skill cap too high without losing half your audience because they can't play it.) Game is definitely entertaining pretty good for about an hour or two if you are looking to hit all the achievements and probably a little more if you like endless mode too much (but honestly by that point I was getting tired) Somebody said the challenges were too hard but I disagree they gave me reasonable trouble but nothing to fry my brains over (ever tried OSU! now that can drive you crazy)

Overall great game nothing that I said is so negative that I would consider it detrimental to the game except possibly the troll face thing because it's a little bit Imba if you ask me.


EVERYTHING but the maps i like.

I still suck at these

I like the game and the idea of it. i have to agree the portal like theme is used a lot but i sure am not tired of it. i wanna know the motive i could careless that its similar. Although i like it and all i seem to sense a bit of lag when i jump but i don't see a whole lot of anything going on besides my one character.

possibly its my computer but i can do most things pretty well without lag sooo 9/10 because the jumping lag is all i see wrong.

on a side note i wonder how many people have the issue of landing on something and moving left and right trying to not fall of the edge and you end up dying anyway >.<

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so many reasons to love this.

Your drawing of the legs drawn in like that hits me. i love almost everything about it except the face :O . The face is slightly too wide but otherwise i love it.

O.o i like it moar please?

for "something quick" i like it. alot. the face makes it great. her with the tight (thingies she wears for pants i guess) would be better. otherwise lovely.

reminds me of something

If you have never watched hellsing ultimate i advise you too. this character you drew looks almost the exact same as the irish catholic paladin alexander who keeps trying to kill the main characters. more or less a bad/good guy though.

now about the picture i like the grin the most as well as the electricity looking stuff comming out of his eyes. really makes him look devious and evil

Gunzet responds:

Lol I watch Hellsing, and I agree, he looks a lot like Alexander...wasn't intentional *shrugs*. I'm pretty sure they could get the job done if they teamed up.
And thanks, the face is my favorite part too...didn't take but a few minutes compared to the rest of the body, but I think it turned out nice...apparently others do too, thanks man.

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