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what to do?

2010-11-20 00:59:33 by theguylearningART

Gonna be looking at how to draw anime characters recently. I always wanted to draw like that and i hear its just basically stylized drawing. Maybe i will be good at drawing anime. perhaps not but i gotta try. until i can get a full person drawn decently anime char attempts shall be my majority of posts. (lol doubt people read this anyway but just in case i guess)

(im still open to taking ideas on what to draw)

I have created a newgrounds account last night. the point of me creating this account is so that i could post my artwork onto the internet for critiques and help. I am quite serious into drawing but i have been terrible at for the longest time. Now that some of my stuff is representable i will start posting it. the good the bad and the ugly.

If you would like to help me give me ideas. mix animals with different no living things and i will try my best to draw it. give me ideas like that. i cannot yet draw people i am practicing them but it is a work in progress. If i have request for human figures they will rarely be drawn unless i specificly say so or i really like the idea.

I hope that you will look at my account from time to time to see if i have anything new. In my opinion it would be neat to follow somebody drawing until they became skilled. And eventually compare the difference from the time they first started until the current drawing. but thats your choice i suppose.